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Ploy was quite passionate, drop-dead sexy and quite eager to please my long hard cock right from the start of the shoot.

Hot damn, fellas! This week, we have a very beautiful and amazingly girly shemale that I just could not fucking wait to meet. I had setup a date with her to possibly do a photoshoot and after agreeing to just come over and try making some photos, we headed right up to my room. Pop immediately struck a pose after I put my shows down and using only her eyes… told me I’m hers. Instant hard. Me, not her. She’s calm, collective and in control of her… everything. Those eyes.. holy crap. My friend tells me she likes older men and with the way she looked at me, I could tell. Those eyes are lethal. I’m falling for her already and I can’t wait to be inside of her mouth or her tight little ass under that dress… with haste.

I’m pretty sure that Pop felt the same. So out popped her beautiful tongue and lips – ready to play at the tip of my throbbing manhood. This was going to be good.

With her tiny little feminine and girly shemale ass in plain view out before me and the moist love of her expert lips wrapped around my cock, I stuffed my cock within her super tiny and extremely eager little asshole. My God, I just had to feel it. Bareback or not, I could not control myself. Getting our wits about us both, I slapped one on and Pop here hopped right on top of me in return. What followed next was barrage of deep ass-pounding, desperate-to-cum moans of passion and deep-seeded urges to blow my appreciation all over this beautifully girly shemale’s face. And I must say – I succeeded quite well with this little ladyboy beauty today!


Release Date:
January 16, 2018


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