Hello Ladyboy – Pream – Little Ladyboy Lover Gets Sticky Needs Fulfilled

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Pream’s quite the romantic 19yo sweetheart that just came looking for release – and to get her little ladyboy asshole fucked hard by the king of Hello Ladyboy!

Alrighty, guys, welcome back for another sweet little ladby named Pream. I had met her through a friend that recomended she come see me to do a photoshoot. After seeing a couple of her pics, I was immediately eager to film this lovely little lady. Right after showing up, we started the photoshoot and got many pics of her posing in my room. I have to say, I am quite agreeable with her choice of outfit. A cute denim skirt and a light and breezy white top to go with it. This horny ts girl is all about sex appeal, that is for sure. That is not to sat she is a slut or anything, though. Pream has a sexy, flirty and fun look about her. One that well-matches her sensual desires to find a life-long BF to take care of her. Today, we soon learn what it means to take care of a little ladyboy like Pream here. With not only sensual needs… but also carnal ones. Even my own carnal drive was needing a massive release, the further into undress she got.

What an amazing little body. So petite, cute, tone and inviting. Beautiful, really. I could not help but get hard a rock. And Pream here could hardly ignore the pressing urgency growing within my jeans. Unzipping and getting undressed, I present my cock to her in glorious fashion. Curiosity takes over and Pream wraps those tender lips around my ever-throbbing situation. After making love to my knob for what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, I was pleasantly presented with her bare round little ass. And it was smooth as could be. There was nothing sensual or sexy left about it. Her desperate dark needs took over – and so did mine. Leaving us both with heaping urgency to release after a nice deep tight hard fuck that left us both spent with streams of cum all over her cock, and all over her awe-struck face.


Release Date:
June 15, 2018


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