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Fucked this sexy Asian ladyboy so hard and deep that we both came all over her heaving fulfilled body. It was like art in the making.

Welcome back guys and gals. This week, I have a very special ladyboy model to share with you all. I had found her on an app called ‘Line’. I reached out to her and explained what I do with Hello Ladyboy and asked if she would be interested in a shoot. Trust me guys, you would never get away with this with a birth-female. it would invoke very feral responses haha! Instead, this sexy Asian ladyboy was very interested and couldn’t wait to meet up! As she told me in conversation, she REALLY loves to get fucked hard in the ass. Damn, I can sure as hell accommodate that!

After meeting her at the lobby and getting Yammy up to my hotel room, we began our hardcore shoot and the magic was all documented on video and in photos. From sexy poses with long legs, upskirt shots and those sexy black heels. I thought I was shooting a fashion model! So damn sexy. But how often to you get to fuck a fashion model in the ass like I did here, haha. Let alone blast cum all over one. Watch as she shows off those tiny little tits, swallows my cock (whole!) and offers her tiny asshole. To which, I fucked the hell out of! This is as hardcore as it gets, folks. You won’t find another sexy Asian ladyboy quite like this anywhere else. We both blasted cum all over that super-sexy body of hers in release and the view was inspiring.


Release Date:
January 31, 2017


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